artists' statement

City land-scapes emerge from forms in the imperfections of locally found hardwoods, their grain and figure a reflection of the twists and turns of the urban environment.  Further, points of anomaly invite moments of fissure in the otherwise solid fabric of the historical city.

Cracks, spalting, and unusual growths naturally occurring in the wood are celebrated from the origin of each piece in the woodturning process through to the illustration work in ink, where such anomalies in the wood are the points of departure for the drawing of city- and landscapes.

Because of this, there exists an intentional relationship between the content of each piece and the urban neighborhood from which the wood originated.  The work is a collaboration between Yelena Synkova, wood sculptor and Sean Cummings, who illustrates from the perspective of architecture.

Yelena Synkova

Sean Cummings