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My work reveals a quiet part of urban life from a different perspective. As a sculptor who works in wood, I only use city trees which came down during a storm, or had to be cut down due to disease. These are the same trees that people walk by on their way to work, but turned by me on a lathe to show their inside unique ness and beauty. Often ignored or overlooked, these are the living organisms that change our city environment, growing ever so slowly as the city moves quicker and quicker around them.

As an immigrant in this country, having arrived at a young age, I identify with the trees. City trees are additions to sidewalks, parks, playgrounds, many come and go after a couple years or a decade. Some though take root and change the space that surrounds them into something enjoyed and appreciated by many; consciously or not. Immigrants struggle to adjust from the moment they arrive because there is no smooth transition. Some go back, some move on to another city, but many create a unique life for themselves while enriching the lives of those around them. An immigrant stands in contrast to the buildings around them that have been here for fifty or a hundred years. This is what I consider to be my biggest accomplishment as well as my biggest challenge; to reveal the less familiar inside of something which is constant presence in urban life.